The HubSpot-Wistia Video Marketing Integration


With Wistia integration you wont need to make more CM without unknown reports.

Do you have video on your website? Are you really getting the most out of your videos, and measuring their performance on a granular level? HubSpot’s new integration with the Wistia video hosting platform makes it easy to see how your leads and customers are interacting with video content on your website. Salespeople will be able to sell more effectively by seeing which video content is resonating with their prospects. Marketers will be able to better understand the value of video to their overall marketing strategy and the bottom line.

What’s Wistia?

Wistia is the name of an up and coming company I’m interning with this summer. Wistia is a video hosting and tracking company for businesses which enhances video marketing campaigns. Customers are given access to a platform which hosts their videos and keeps them all in one secure loaction. Wistia also provides detailed analytics for each video that is hosted on its software.

How is that different from Youtube?

Well there are quite a few differentiating factors between the two companies. The first is that Wistia gives users the option to allow the whole web to watch their videos or set restrictions on who has access. Customers are able to keep videos internal, within a company, secured by a password and login information. For instance, if there is a training video for new hires, it can be shared through one’s company all while being kept private and strictly between employees.

Wistia also brings analytics tools to the table. The company has invented what it calls heatmaps, which track each individual viewer and their behavior as it relates to a video. Heatmaps show you who has watched your video, how many times they’ve watched it and which parts they have viewed; the heatmap details where a viewer a stops watching your video, which parts they skip and which parts they re-watch. The value of this information is that a company can see which segments of the video were interesting and effective and which parts bored the audience and led to skipping or no re-watching. Based on that data, companies can optimize their videos to be more effective and further engage with the audience.

Wistia Integration on HubSpot

Wistia and HubSpot, working together in sweet harmony. Once you enable the integration, all of your video viewing data from Wistia will start passing into HubSpot automatically. Video heatmaps will appear in prospect timelines for your salespeople to reference. Here’s my timeline showing the videos I watched a few weeks ago on the Wistia website:

YouTube Preview Image
  • Know when an individual contact has viewed a video by seeing a heat map right on the contacts’ timeline
  • Use Wistia’s turnstile feature to convert new leads in HubSpot
  • Segment based on video view behavior (Enterprise only)
  • Increase a contacts’ lead score when they’ve viewed a video (Enterprise only)
  • Trigger emails, smart content, or smart CTAs when a contact has viewed a video (Enterprise only)
  • Use HubSpot’s Contacts reporting tool to create granular reports on contacts who have viewed your video content (Enterprise only)


Smart lists can be made to identify and nurture prospects with specific viewing behavior. Here’s a list of all the prospects who watched 100% of our “Why Pay for Video Hosting” video.


Workflows can be customized based on prospects’ individual video activity. This workflow sends Ezra an alert every time a prospect with a high lead score also watches our “Product Overview” video.


Lead scoring can be customized to take video views into account. We increase lead scores by 10 points when someone watches our “Analytics Overview” video.


We’re super passionate about video analytics, but we know that video is best done in the context of your larger marketing efforts. So we’re thrilled to see these tools combine, letting you see and control how video interacts with the rest of your marketing.

sources: wistia and nadavswarttz