Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media Right After You Publish


Another HubSpot Feature Online!!

Now live is the ability to share your blog posts directly through the blog dashboard and blog post detail screen. This means when you are creating blog posts, you can immediately schedule your content to post on social media without leaving the blogging dashboard. Please note that if you have auto-publish on, your posts will automatically re-publish in 15 minutes.

 How does it work?

After you publish a post, the option to Share your post will appear at the top of the blog post detail screen.

sharepostThe Social Compose screen will pop up allowing you to select between Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and select the account you wish to publish the post on. Select the channel and account and then click OK.


After selecting the channel, the compose screen will pre-populate with your URL and title. You can then edit the tweet or post, schedule the post, and choose a campaign. Then click Publish.


If you have already published a post: Go to your blog dashboard, select the gear to the right, and you will see an option under Unpublish to “Share.” Click that.


OR you can also always go back to a published post and select “Share in Social Media” on the blog post detail screen.


Source : HubSpot