Three new COS Site and Landing Pages Features


HubSpot has release 3 new features for COS to increase your leads

For customers using COS Landing Pages or Site pages, HubSpot introduces three new features:

  • Page Style Tab: This tab in the page editor will allows you to make small style changes to a given page.
  • Landing Page Sources Drill Down: You’ll be able to drill down into the sources that are bringing traffic, leads and customers to your landing pages.
  • Style sheet attachment in template builder: You will be able to attach a style sheet to a template within template builder

The details of each are below:

Page Style Tab

Located third from the left within the page editor, the page style tab enables you to make small changes to the design of your page without having to use CSS or other code. To use this feature, choose the style tab in the page editor, then choose the element on the page that you want to style (#1 below), a movable style box will appear in which you can set styles for that element (#2 below).


Landing Pages Sources Drill Down

Now you can see what sources are bringing traffic, leads and customers into your individual landing pages in the same way that you can see sources for your full site. To use this functionality, go to any live landing page and click on the “performance link.” You’ll see a sources report with each channel linked. Click on a channel, like social media below, and see the drill down of which social networks worked best.


Attach Style Sheets to a Template in the Template Builder

Now in the COS you can attach stylesheets to templates within Template Builder. This will allow users to change the look and feel across every page using that template. It also enables designers to create a stylized page while still enabling marketers to make edits to the structure of that page without needing code.

Instead of editing the CSS within each module, this feature enables designers to create one style that can will be used across all the modules in that particular template. It eliminates the need to do style overrides in the content editor if a template is built with the stylesheet. The following video will walk you through how to attach a stylesheet to a template.