Digital Marketing

Proposal to Build a Mechanism for the Future
to Implement a Valuable Customer Experience

We support the creation of mechanisms that implement a valuable “customer experience,” starting with a website (BaseStation) from which effective digital marketing can be conducted and including strategizing to increase preferences, management operations, and provision of system services.


The “Form” of a Website that can Respond to Changing Circumstances

The BaseStation provided by Hivelocity is a product service that shifts a website’s format regularly to an optimum state in response to external circumstances, trends, and tendencies in technology. To perform effective digital marketing, we aim to further improve websites while reducing management workload with BaseStation. We realize benefits such as improvement of customer attraction and engagement based on inbound marketing principles, coordination with a variety of functions based on objectives, and stable, reliable system infrastructure performance.

Improving Customer Attraction

We provide websites equipped with the latest SEO measures, adapted to ever-evolving search algorithms, as well as optimization for SNS and mobile users.

Reduction in Effort Needed for Management

By using highly general CMS and tools, we enable management of the website even by those without difficult technical knowledge or specialized skills.

Flexible Augmentability of Functions

We enable coordination with a variety of technologies and tools to meet and adapt to the objectives of the website, current conditions, and analytic results. We conduct regular reviews of the baseline design and expansion of functionality.

Prompt Response to Issues

By using open source software, which is flexible and available, we can rapidly respond to a variety of risks and problems.


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