Fan Commerce

Connecting businesses to “emotive experiences”
That enable direct communication with fans.

We implement more direct communication with each individual fan through the provision of services ranging from fan club operations to e-commerce, ticket vending, streaming video, offline POS systems, and more for performing artists, sports teams, and similar organizations. Because we can handle a variety of sales methods and payment methods, we are able to contribute to improvement of fan satisfaction and maximization of revenues.

Fan Commerce
Operation of Fan Clubs

We conduct management of fan clubs for performing artists and sports teams with a variety of payment methods for things such as annual member fees, monthly member fees, and carrier billing formulas.

E-Commerce Site Operations

We offer e-commerce fulfillment on a results-based compensation model from construction to operation.
We contribute to improvement of fan satisfaction and maximization of profits.

Ticket Vending

We offer a unified ticket vending and ID verification service for live shows, concerts, and events from store booking through ticket distribution.

POS Systems

We offer systems that can coordinate offline payments and ID verification promptly with online systems via POS conducted in stores and event venues.

For fan commerce services, we use the user information management and payment platform “hubsynch,” offered by our affiliate hubsynch K.K., as our core engine for providing seamless centralized management of user information. We also provide an API with various shared functions that can be used for services such as e-zines, notifications, points programs, ticketing, contracting, events, and streaming media.


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