Was iOS7 Created in Microsoft Word? News!

A few hours ago, Vaclav Krejci put on Youtube a awesome movie, showing how to develop the iOS7 in a simple Microsoft Word,  it really seems that this new iOS was develop and create through MSW tools.


Apple fans would like to imagine Apple‘s Senior VP of Design Jony Ive developed iOS 7 on state-of-the-art Apple technology.But now you can watch designer Vaclav Krejci create a realistic version of the iPhone 5, complete with iOS 7 interface, using Word’s basic tools.

He uses common symbols, colors, gradients and fonts to replicate Apple’s famous home screen app icons.The result is an extremely convincing copy of iOS 7. The video has gone viral, with 1.7 million views in just a few days.

One commenter said :“This is absolutely fantastic! You sir, do more amazing stuff in MS Word than almost everyday user in PS!”

Another added :“I wish Apple will get you to their company.” 

It seems Krejci has lofty ambitions, as he replied : “I wish for the same.”

Source : Youtube and Mirror News UK