WP-Weekly News and Tips: June 16th – 22nd

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Welcome to the second post of WordPress News Weekly. In these weekly posts, we gather news articles from WordPress-related resources so that you can keep up-to-date on all of the news. If you have anything else to add, please leave a comment below. Enjoy!

Update Your WordPress Post Pagination: Your Readers Will Thank You



Chris Knowles acknowledges WordPress’s lack of a built-in content pagination and introduces a plugin called Advanced Content Pagination found here. Content navigation allows your site to split your content into different sections. You can add these sections by adding short codes. This will make it so users will not be confused by your content and can find your articles easier and faster.

WordPress Trunk Adds New Beta Testing Tab to Plugin Screen


URL: http://wptavern.com/wordpress-trunk-adds-new-beta-testing-tab-to-plugins-screen

Sarah Gooding points out a new addition if you are using the WordPress trunk, there is a new tab created for features. If you are a developer, this is an important step to improving the article that you will need to test out plugins that currently in the beta stage.

Object Oriented Programming in WordPress: Inheritance I


URL: http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/object-oriented-programming-in-wordpress-inheritance-i–cms-21379

McFarlin guides through the process of writing object oriented PHP in WordPress. In this tutorial, he discusses how inheritance in objects work. Object-oriented programming is important for WordPress developers to start implementing in their plugins.

Eighties: A Bold Free WordPress Theme Focused on Content



Eighties is a brand new and simple theme that focuses solely on content. Eighties has a portfolio section and focuses on typography. You can take at a live demo at eighties.me. You can download the theme on GitHub.

Optimizing WordPress with Varnish and W3 Total Cache


Jeff Reifman wrote a tutorial on how you can use Varnish and W3 Total Cache to improve your site speed and SEO rankings. Varnish is a caching module for Linux while W3 Total Cache is a plugin for WordPress. For those that have WordPress installed on an AWS server, you might want to use Varnish in combination with W3TC to speed up your site; this is because theme performance on AWS servers are a bit slow. Varnish can be installed on an Apache server and will temporarily store files in a location so that your page will not have to rebuild itself over and over again. Increasing your site’s performance improves its SEO rankings for Google and other search engines.

Drag and Drop Page Editing in WordPress: Front End Page Builder Plugin



A new Drag and Drop Page Editing plugin has been introduced. Front End Page Builder. The plugin can be found on the Envato marketplace and costs $20. Click here to learn more.

WP Security Audit Log Plugin Review: User Activity Logging for WordPress

AuthorJoe Fylan


A security firm with fifteen years of experience, WPWhiteSecurity, and Christian Sciberras have developed a plugin called WP Security Audit Log. The plugin is free and creates a log that you view to keep you on track with your site.

How to Set Up WordPress Locally for PC/Windows with WampServer



Raelene Wilson wrote a new article on how to set up a local development environment using WampServer. Keep in mind that WampServer is only available for Windows. You can take a look at WampServer by clicking here.

Create a Simple CRM in WordPress: Adding Columns to WP_List_Table



Tim Carr’s tutorial show show to create a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM, using Advanced Custom Fields.

Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress – Inheritance II


URL: http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/object-oriented-programming-in-wordpress-inheritance-ii–cms-21457

Todd McFarlin continues his Object-Oriented Programming series with Inheritance II.

CLI Cheat Sheet: A Beginner’s Resource for Using the Command Line



The Command Line is an extremely useful tool that every web developer should know. Sarah Gooding wrote an excellent article about how to use this tool to your advantage.

Creating and Submitting a Patch to WordPress Core


URL: http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/creating-and-submitting-a-patch-to-wordpress-core–cms-20658

Contributing is important to the WordPress community and Pollock wrote a guide on how to do that.

WordPress Publish to Twitter Plugin Lets You Tweet by Category

URL: http://wptavern.com/wordpress-publish-to-twitter-plugin-lets-you-tweet-by-category

As Sarah Gooding mentions in the article, it’s not the best to automatically publish each and every post to Twitter. Your followers might start muting you if your push out too much content, especially if it’s something that they are not interested in. Fortunately, a new plugin, Publish to Twitter, has been been developed to fix that. With this plugin, you can now select which post categories should be tweeted.