I Like It Sassy: Import and Inheritance – Part 3

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By now, you should know how to create variables and mixins. Great! This time, let’s learn how to import files, to keep them organized, and how CSS rules can inherit properties.


In order to keep your project organized, you can separate your SCSS files into different files and then import them into another file. In CSS, the @import rule will create an additional HTTP request; on the other hand, in Sass, that is not the case. Instead @import just combines it, in essence, only a single CSS file will be served to the browser. That’s because the SCSS will be compiled into a CSS file later.

The normalize.scss file that we would like to import:

Let’s say that you have a style.scss file, you should use the following code:

Remember, each partial file should start with an underscore like so: _normalize.scss, _reset.scss, _navigation.scss etc. Don’t worry, Sass is smart enough to find the _normalize.scss file using ‘normalize’ (without underscores). In short, you can use the import rule to make your project directory much more readable.


Inheritance? In Sass? Yes, just like Object Oreinted programming, you can inherit properties and values from other selectors.

The Sass file will be compiled into this:

Inheritance can be incredibly useful. Now that you have learned about how to import and the inheritance features work, you can use them to your advantage. Have fun coding! If you would like to learn more about Sass, take a look at the Sass Way.

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