WordPress Weekly News and Tips: August 11th – 17th

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Welcome to the eleventh WordPress News Weekly post. In these weekly posts, we gather news articles from WordPress-related resources so that you can be up-to-date.

How To: Create an Auction Website with WordPress & the WP Auction Software Plugin


URL: http://wplift.com/wordpress-auction-plugin

Joe Fylan takes a look at the WP Auction Software plugin from the team at WPEka and the powerful features such as listings, payment options and invoicing.

Turning a WordPress Server Dashboard into a Widget


URL: http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/turning-a-wordpress-server-dashboard-into-a-widget–cms-20459

Ever wanted to monitor your WordPress server in the Dashboard? With this tutorial written by Vinh Nguyen, you will create and write your own plugin to accomplish this.

Underscores WordPress Starter Theme Adds Support for Sass



URL: http://wptavern.com/underscores-wordpress-starter-theme-adds-support-for-sass

The Underscores starter theme for WordPress has finally added Sass support! You can have Sass included into your project by clicking on the ‘Advanced Options’ button and making sure that the ‘Sassify’ checkbox is enabled on the Underscores page.

Interview With Slobhan Mckeown On The Future Of The WordPress Codex


URL: http://wptavern.com/interview-with-siobhan-mckeown-on-the-future-of-the-wordpress-codex

Jeff interviews Mckeown about the WordPress Codex and visions for the future.

Add Reddit Style Commenting to WordPress With the Comment Popularity Plugin


URL: http://wptavern.com/add-reddit-style-commenting-to-wordpress-with-the-comment-popularity-plugin

Ever heard of Reddit? Well you can add a voting system to your WordPress comments by installing the plugin. You can install the Comment Popularity plugin and test it out on your website!

Theme Checklist Helps Prepare Developers to Submit A Theme To The WordPress Theme Directory


URL: http://wptavern.com/theme-checklist-helps-prepare-developers-to-submit-a-theme-to-the-wordpress-theme-directory

Another post by Jeff Chandler takes a quick look at the Theme Checklist plugin that can help you check if your theme is ready to be released to the WordPress Theme Directory.

Does Your Blog Repel Your Viewers? These 3 Tips May Be An Eye Opener


URL: http://wplift.com/blog-repel-viewers

Money, money, money. Monetization and SEO seems to be all the rage these days; however, you will need to remember that your viewers are the ones reading your posts.

The 69 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins Reviewed


URL: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/69-best-wordpress-contact-form-plugins/

Kevin Muldoon tested and reviewed sixty nine different contact form plugins, a very long list indeed.

The Best WordPress ECommerce Plugins That You Need To Know About


URL: http://www.nimbusthemes.com/best-wordpress-ecommerce-plugin/

Another list, this time written by Evan Scoboria, lists of the best eCommerce plugins that you can use to integrate to your WordPress site including: Cart66 Cloud, WooCommerce, ECWid and more.

How to Add Feature Images To Your WordPress Categories


URL: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-add-feature-images-to-your-wordpress-categories/

Chris Knowles explains how you can add images to your WordPress categories. You can add these images as a featured image and display them on a category page.