WordPress Weekly News and Tips: October 27th to November 2nd

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Welcome to the fourteenth WordPress News Weekly post. In these weekly posts, we gather news articles from WordPress-related resources so that you can be up-to-date.

New Plugin: Jobs & Experts, More Than Just a Jobs Board



The well-known WPMU Dev has released a new plugin called Jobs & Experts that makes it easy to list jobs on your website and have a community with Experts.

Good Looking Social Sharing with Monarch



 takes a look at the new Monarch social sharing plugin by Elegant Themes.

Settings and Controls for a Color Scheme in the Theme Customizer



 created a tutorial on how you can add color scheme controls using the WordPress theme customizer.

Creating Maintainable WordPress Meta Boxes: Save and Retrieve



The continuation of the Meta Boxes series by , this time, with retrieving and saving information.

How to Generate RSS Feeds for Custom Post Types



Having trouble making RSS feeds work for custom post types? This tutorial by  can help you with this particular issue.

Integrating CloudFlare With WordPress



Nowadays, using a CDN for a website is becoming necessary and popular. With this tutorial, you can use CloudFlare, a leading CDN service, to serve static files such as images, HTML, CSS and Javascript files to users around the world. The article also includes a brief but good explanation of what a CDN is and the benefits that come along with integrating one into your site.

Introducing WPNode: Free but Reliable WordPress Hosting

Author: Kevin Suen


WPNode claims to be a free, and reliable, WordPress hosting site. It remains to be seen whether it lives up to its promise. If you would like to learn more, you can check out the FAQ.

How to Replace ‘Enter Title Here’ Text in WordPress



The editorial staff at WP Beginner wrote a simple tutorial on how you can replace the ‘Enter Title Here’ text when editing a post (in this case, a custom post type).

Adding the CSS for a Color Scheme in the Theme Customizer



The second part of ‘s sTheme Customizer series on how to add CSS to the Theme Customizer.

How to Allow User Registration on Your WordPress Site



If you are confused about how the user system works in WordPress and would like to allow users to register on your site, then this is the tutorial for you!