Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight: December 26th

WordPress unknown plugins

Welcome to the eighteenth Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight! In this series, we take a look at some of the newer and/or lesser known plugins that can be found in the WordPress plugin directory.


The MyGamerTag plugin thumbnail

Do you play video games? Xbox in specific? Then you might be interested in MyGamerTag by Paul Dow which displays your Xbox Live gamertag on your site.

No Spam At All

Developed by De Paragon, No Spam At All is an new anti-spam plugin that claims to get rid of any and all spam with a single click.

ATWI Interview Plugin

If you would like to have your posts formatted in a Q&A / Interview style, then you might want to take a look at the ATWI Interview Plugin by Hol.

Mam News Ticker

The Mam News Ticker plugin thumbnail

The Mam News Ticker, by mamun_khan101010,  adds a news ticker to your WordPress site. An example of what this plugin does can be seen here.

WP Pusher

WP Pusher plugin thumbnail

The WP Pusher plugin that allows you to deploy your site via Git without SSH or the Git program installed on the server itself.


The Survicate plugin thumbnail

The Survicate plugin can help you with your business by determining your visitors / customers’ needs.

FaceBook Feed

With the FaceBook Feed plugin, you can add any Facebook feed into your WordPress site by adding a shortcode.

Parallaxer – Parallax Effect on Content

A simple parallax plugin for WordPress that allows you to add the effect to your content. The plugin claims to be responsivel however, keep in mind that this is the Lite version. You can see a live preview of the Parallaxer plugin by clicking here.

Tips Shortcode

Tips Shortcode is a very, very simple plugin that allows you to add a tips box by adding a shortcode to your post / page.


The SimpleVote plugin adds a simple voting system to your WordPress site.