@Cambridge In HubSpot Day 1

Finally after day and 12 hours flying from Tokyo to Boston I could get into Hubspot, one of the biggest companies in US based in Marketing Solutions and founder of Inbound Marketing and their famous Hubspot Tool I got here to start my training.




There are so much things to do and many things to learn as well.But for today I would like to introduce you how is Hubspot inside. This building is divide it in huge building pack from a lot of developers, marketers, sales people and project managers who works a lot of hours in what will be “the best to sale your business”, with their strategies and work show us (Hivelocity) how we can be a better partners and how to resell their product in Japan and how we should develop things in the right way. Hivelocity as a special partner and client is having an exclusive and special training with the masters!


Hubspotが入っている建物はすごく大きい。そこに大勢の開発者、マーケッター、営業がいて、”The best to sale your business”を達成するために頑張っている!

welcome to hubspot

Hubspot Entrance

Information Counter

Hubspot Information Counter

In this counter you will find all the information required about Hubspot’s Sections, Hubspot is basically divide in 4 big sectors Marketers, Developers, Account Managers and Sales. But what really build this place is the people who work in here, I can say that team work makes a lot of good results and their meetings are amazing.


Hubspot Wall Staff

Hubspot Wall Staff

In this picture we can see the staff or team that helps to create marketing love (Hubspot) there are so many walls with so many people information on it, that nobody will imagen. But inside Hubspot I may have to say that looks like a campus with some many rooms and meeting rooms.



25th first building

Hubspot Building

inside hubspot

Hubspot Offices

Finally I can say this place looks amazing more than I have ever though, been a company but in the same time having a really artistic design in their walls.

この光景を見て、本当に驚いた! 会社なのに芸術的なデザイン!

amazing campus

Inside Hubspot

But this is not all, because Hubspot is not work 24hours they also have special places where the staff can be able to relax and recreate their self plus when they finish work and want to have beers at the office all that is prepare.


Keeping in shapa

Breaking Time

hubspot break place

Sodas Ready!

Hubspot break place

Lets have some drinks!

Idea Paint

Get ready with Idea Paint

Finally i will have to say that in here there is no boards that you have to move from one place to another Hubspot use IDEAPAINT that is one of he most coolest tool you can have for your meetings and other things, the whole wall is a board that you can use and erase in any time.



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