Hubspot Release a New Dashboard Interface View


The Visits & Leads section of your HubSpot dashboard can be customized to track your monthly progress against custom goals that you set. If your marketing team needs to reach certain website visit and lead numbers each month, this is the easiest way to track your progress towards that goal.

The Dashboard is a favorite of our customers because it allows them to immediately see how their traffic and lead generation efforts are performing every time they log into HubSpot. Starting today, you’ll be able to opt in to an updated version of your HubSpot Dashboard. If you haven’t already, just click on the alert on your Dashboard that looks like the one below to get started!

 Features of this New Dashboard

  • Your new Dashboard is blazingly fast, which will shorten the log-in process. You’ll get to your data even faster.
  • You have greater ability to customize the data by deciding whether or not to include “Offline Sources” in your metrics, similar to your Sources report and in mobile apps.
  • You have greater ability to customize the layout of your Dashboard. Simply click on “Customize Dashboard” in the bottom-right corner to change the layout of your modules.
  • An updated, more visually appealing UI that’s consistent with other HubSpot apps.
  • An updated weekly email that features product updates, webinars, and interesting marketing news in addition to a snapshot of your Dashboard data.


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