When you start to running a business online, the most important thing your company may have to focused is in setup business goals and identify the outcomes you are looking for, at least do this for a the next several quarters and year.

Another important point is that sections or divisions should suggest ways to meet or exceed those outcomes, the benchmarks they will use and their own challenges that need to be overcome. The leadership team then needs to develop a working plan and budget for executing it.

Solutions for sales and marketing alignment challenges may require some outside help from consultants, but once all of your business segments are working together to achieve company goals, there is possibility that your company can become profitable and stay that way despite market fluctuations and unforeseen competitive factors

Having The Proper Information In Your Hands

Inbound Marketing is one of the amazing methodologies that 2012 has bring to the market with their own unique product called HubSpot, this application makes people life easier, just the only requirement in order to build a strong marketing strategy is to properly understand what Inbound Marketing can do for your business.

Here is a case I would like to share, few weeks ago I had a meeting with one of my clients who was very interesting in Inbound Marketing and HubSpot, talked with him and almost leaving he asked me:

 Is it possible to just only build an Inbound Website (Base Station) and skip the learning part about Inbound Marketing? So I can just only focus in increase my traffic and probably get more leads.

To be honest this is not the first time I have heard this kind of questions, but in my opinion, How could I build an Inbound Website (Base Station) if you won’t be able to control and manage I believe he wouldnt be able to know how to handle HubSpot integration features on the website, as a consultant and developer I will say I have the responsibility to educate my customers over the product I’m offer or selling to them, the reason why I should do that is because what at the beginning could be fixed with few things, not having the proper understanding of something can make  spent more time and money at the end. Without having the right information anyone could kill their business with this super tool getting the opposite results. could you imagine that?

Which Digital Marketing Options Can Fit To Your Business

Since I came back from Boston last febraury, after having learned more about Inbound Marketing at HubSpot and have assist to some Inbound Communities and HubSpot Happy Hours to hear from clients their own cases studies, I finally start to figure out how amazing was this methodology that can do much more if you know how to used.

 At the beginning I was focused on sale HubSpot, and Training companies in order they also know how to lead their business to a successful point that they can increase their traffic, create leads and get the best approaching points, to convert this personas in customers.

 But as much deeper I got, as much ideas were coming out, and finally me and my boss conclude in build something that allow us to control all this free resources together, be able to manage and have control of the contents with HubSpot integration features on it, building this amazing platform called Base Station this product will be realize this year and we will be our own case study building a brand new corporate website.

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