Jetpack 3.0 Released: Bulk Module Management is here!

JetPack is a plugin for WordPress brought to you by the Automattic team

Jetpack by Automattic, the creators of WordPress, have just released version 3.0 of their renowned plugin. 3.0 has many new features and tweaks. If you would like to learn more, please look at the change log located at the bottom of this post. Otherwise, you can click here to view more.

Bulk Module Management

A very common complaint was not just the number of modules activated at once, but that it would also take several clicks to find out which ones were activated. Jetpack 3.0 comes with a brand new UI. After activation, you will be presented with this screen:

The new UI for Automattic's JetPack plugin

The new Ui for Jetpack has a search bar

How do you get to manage which modules are activated? Just click on the ‘Settings’ submenu in the Jetpack menu.

You can access the new Bulk Module Managament Editor by clicking on Settings

This is the new Module Editor screen:
You can choose which modules to activate and deactivate on this screen

Verification Tools

Under the Tools menu, you can now add a meta key to get your site verified by Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster Center and Pinterest. You can find the settings for this plugin by hovering over the Tools menu and then clicking ‘Available Tools’. The plugin requires you to enter in meta tags that you will receive from each service.

You can enter your information into these fields to connect your blog with Google, Ping and Pinterest Tools.

Google Maps Shortcode

Jetpack now contains a shortcode that integrates Google Maps Engine into your blog. All you have to do is add the shortcode [googlemaps] into your blog posts after activating the module. If you would like to learn more about this short code and how to use it, you can find the instructions here. Make sure that you enable the ‘Shortcode Embeds’ module in Jetpack Settings!

New Sharing UI

The Sharing module just received an update, a brand new user interface. After activating the module, you can see the new interface by clicking on the Sharing submenu item found in the Settings menu. You can see the new interface below:

The sharing module just got a brand new look that now includes drag-and-drop functionality

Twitter Open Graph

Speaking of sharing and social networks, Jetpack now includes the ability to use Twitter’s Open Graph. Open Graph is an open protocol that you can use on your website to turn your webpages into graph objects. In other words, once you activate this module and enter the correct meta tags, your pages will become integrated into the Twitter database. This means that you can also start using Twitter Cards on your website. However, Jetpack, at this time, sets WordPress as the default Twitter Card. To fix this, you can read Justin Kopepasah’s tutorial.

Infinite Scroll

If you are using the Infinite Scroll for Jetpack, get ready for good news! First, the Automattic team has improved performance for the module across the board. Also, Infinite Scroll now allows you to display Custom Post Types!

Other Features

Other features include but not limited to:

  • New languages: Irish, Tigrinya and Fulah.
  • Youtube short code now allows HD playback now available
  • Improved performance for Infinite Scroll

Jetpack 3.0 is available to download now from the its website or from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Try it out!



  • New User Interface for managing modules and settings
  • New Module: Verification Tools
  • Enhancement: New look for the Sharing module
  • Enhancement: Multiple improvements on which Twitter handle a Twitter card will display
  • Enhancement: Add option to hide Google+ Authorship banner while still receiving the benefits
  • Enhancement: Many Infinite Scroll enhancements to improve performance
  • Enhancement: Infinite Scroll will use your CPT’s display name instead of “Older Posts”
  • Enhancement: JSON API added /media/new endpoint
  • Enhancement: Added filter to assign new default image for Open Graph tags
  • Enhancement: New [jetpack-related-posts] shortcode to add Related Posts to page instead of default placement
  • Enhancement: Added SSO option to turn off login form completely, to use login exclusively
  • Enhancement: The [googlemaps] shortcode allows for Google Maps Engine
  • Enhancement: YouTube shortcode allows HD playback
  • Enhancement: Smoother, Faster Tiled Galleries!
  • Enhancement: New languages! Use Jetpack in Irish, Fulah, and Tigrinya
  • Bugfix: Use your browser’s Back and Forward buttons when naviagating a Carousel
  • Bugfix: Various Related Posts fixes and improvements for added flexibility
  • Bugfix: WordPress 3.9: Restores ability to edit Contact Forms
  • Bugfix: WordPress 3.9: Restores Gallery Widget compatability
  • Bugfix: Ensure Markdown is kept when Bulk Editing posts
  • Bugfix: Improved Jetpack’s Multisite Network Admin page for networks with a large number of sites
  • Bugfix: Ensure Sharing settings persist when Bulk Editing a post
  • Bugfix: Various other shortcode improvements