Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight: September 12th

WordPress unknown plugins

Welcome to the fifth Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight! In this series, we take a look at some of the newer and/or lesser known plugins that can be found in the WordPress plugin directory. This can also include some niche plugins that can turn out to be quite useful. There’s a whole world of plugins out there, so let’s discover them!

Monkey Trapped Login

Monkey Trapped Login is a plugin that stop any brute force login attempts on your WordPress site. The plugin was written by konnun and includes a blacklist to stop further attacks by the IP address (the plugin connects to the Monkey Trapped database).

Bacon Ipusm

Bacon ipsum plugin

First monkeys and now bacon? The Bacon Ipsum plugin generates text and images of tasty looking meat into your posts. Install and activate this plugin to add bacon goodness served by ris.

Smooth Scroll To Top

Smooth scroll to top plugin

Built by Mike Smith at Guerilla, Smooth Scroll to Top adds a clickable arrow to your page that, when clicked, with scroll to the top of your page very smoothly.

WP Old Post Date Remover

The WordPress Old Post Remover plugin

Would you like your WordPress posts to always appear fresh and brand new? The WP Old Post Date Remover removes the post date from posts that are two weeks or older.

Responsive Portfolio

Responsive Portfolio plugin

The Responsive Portfolio plugin by weblizar adds a gallery of your portfolio with an lightbox attached. The plugin is based on the Bootstrap framework.


Share your current location and the local time with Wherebouts by lorianziegler.

Random Post Loader

The Random Post Loader plugin

Ever wanted to load random posts from your blog but afraid of the loop? Well, look no further than Random Post Loader by farsad. The plugin is easy to use, it adds a widget that you can add to any widgetable area on your site.

Youtube Feed to WordPress Post

Youtube Feed to WordPress Post, developed by sohelamin, allows WordPress users to add their youtube feed as a post that updates every thirty minutes. This plugin sounds great for those who have a vlog that they would like to automatically share on their site.

That’s it for this week’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight. If you have a plugin developer and would like to submit your own plugin, please leave a comment below or feel free to send me an email at: