Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight: February 13

WordPress unknown plugins

Welcome to the fifteenth Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight! In this series, we take a look at some of the newer and/or lesser known plugins that can be found in the WordPress plugin directory.

Label Old Posts

The Label Old Posts plugin will find old posts and mark posts older than two years old with a customizable message.

Draw Attention

Draw Attention plugin thumbnail

Draw Attention allows you to create your own interactive images to place in your WordPress site or blog.

Mmm Unity Loader

Mmm Unity Loader plugin thumbnail

Developed by MManifesto, the Mmm Unity Loader will take your unity3D files and include a web player in which you can define the width and the height.

Youtube Showcase

Youtube Showcase plugin thumbnail

The Youtube Showcase plugin, by emarket-design,  allows you to add a Youtube video gallery that you can use for your portfolio site.

SVG Complete

The SVG Complete plugin allows you to upload SVG files and to display them by placing a shortcode in the post editor.

Scale it UP!

Scale it up plugin thumbnail

Scale it UP! will scale all of your images up instead of only scaling it down with the default WordPress editor.


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