Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight: November 14th

WordPress unknown plugins

Welcome to the thirteenth Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight! In this series, we take a look at some of the newer and/or lesser known plugins that can be found in the WordPress plugin directory.

Page Loading Effect

Page Loading Effect, a simple plugin by SANTO007, claims to add a nice loading effect to your site.

Video Intro for WordPress

the video intro for wordpress plugin banner

There’s been a trend in which websites will have a video play before users / customers, with Video Intro for WordPress will do just that for you.

Page View Counter

Page View Counter plugin thumbnail

The Page View Calendar by paratheme allows you to visit and view the page views by adding a shortcode to your page.

Sell Photo

The sell photo plugin thumbnail

The Sell Photo plugin gives you the ability to sell photos on your site.

User Posts Per Page

User Posts Per Page, developed by Samer Bechara,  introduces an interesting idea; the plugin allows the site visitor to determine the number of posts that show per page.

WP Analytics Pro

WP Analytics Pro displays all kinds of information and statistics about your site regarding user registration,