Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight: April 17th

WordPress unknown plugins

Welcome to the seventeenth Friday’s Unknown Plugin Spotlight! In this series, we take a look at some of the newer and/or lesser known plugins that can be found in the WordPress plugin directory.

Combine Galleries

Combine Galleries is a simple plugin that gathers all of the images in posts and combines it into one, huge gallery. Plugin developed by indiewave.

SkyStats Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard plugin thumbnail

SkyStats Analytics Dashboard adds an “all-in-one” business-oriented dashboard for your WordPress site. Includes Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.


Postpone plugin

You can delay your posts by an hour, a day or even a month with Postpone by urre.


Facedown plugin for WordPress

A fun plugin, by gwannon, that turns your blog completely upside down; be wary of using Facedown on a client’s site though! Properties on Map

Booking plugin for WordPress Properties on Map is a small plugin that you can use to mark hotels and other properties on a map. You can use the plugin in a sidebar, as a widget and within posts and pages. You can also edit the language and layout colors.