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Yesterday after some seminars Hubspot invite me to their “Happy Hour Party” in here we could enjoy some snacks and free drinks. I spent a really good time. Talking with different department people like marketers, sales and account managers. But the best part was later night when I could meet the founders of Hubspot Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah.

昨日、セミナーが終わったあとにHubspotから“Happy Hour Party”に招かれた。スナックを食べたり、一緒に飲んだりして、楽しい時間だったよ!


でも、もっと特別だったのは、Hubspotの創業者Brian Halligan氏とDharmesh Shah氏に会えたことだね!

hubspot-happy-hourBrian Halligan and Fabian Mezarina from Hivelocity

at Hubspot with the man

Dharmesh Shah and Fabian Mezarina from Hivelocity

After have meet them and have some works about what Hivelocity is doing in japan, exchanging some ideas and knowing more about him, it was really interested to hear about their new tool Hubspot 3 and their features, it was really nice to meet them.


興味深かったし、彼らの新しいツールHubspot 3と、将来についても話してくれたよ。本当に会えてよかった!

Finally I must to say that it was very nice to meet the staff who help to support to all the clients in different countries with their labor and training. 


hubspot happy hour

Happy hour at hubspot building

at hubspot

Happy hour every body is looking for a free drinks

Hubsot hsppy hour

Evan Dean and Ryan

in Hubspot

Everyone talking about whats inbound maketing

Every body was really kind and helpful I did spend a good time and learn more about how hubspot moves in their projects and how easy the staff communicates between each other.