Hubspot’s Calendar?

HubSpot is releasing soon their new tool (Calendar), the amazing feature allows users to keep in touch frequently with customer understanding their needs by feedback, testing and striving. This new tool is actually integrating Google calendar features in their system, something that its been already on sale in their marketplace now it will be totally free for HubSpot users.

Here is some information from the original message:

At HubSpot, we don’t like making our customers wait for the next big thing. Instead, we release new features and product enhancements of all sizes, all the time. We call this agile development and it means we’re constantly taking feedback, testing and striving to improve the customer experience. In the calendar below, you can get a sense of what updates are coming to all customers in the immediate future. If projected dates change, we’ll update them here. In addition, you can always find more detailed information about updates to your specific account in the notification center to the left of your name once you log in.