HubSpot Releasing a New Amazing Tool「Social Inbox」

Today 7th, May Hubspot has announced  their new inbound marketing application called Social Inbox, this new application allows you to integrates social media monitoring and publishing with HubSpot’s contact database, enabling Marketers to make the most of highly segmented views of the social activity of their leads, customers, and biggest evangelists.

The new integration reduces the noise associated with social media listening, alerts companies to key individuals in need of responses, and provides context for social media interactions, replacing loud and interruptive tactics with marketing strategies.

What is Social Inbox?

Social Inbox tightly integrates social media monitoring and publishing with HubSpot’s contact database, enabling marketers to get highly segmented views of the social activity of their leads, customers and biggest evangelists.

Many of the challenges with social media monitoring stem from having to sift through a fire-hose of strangers. Without any context, you have no idea who to prioritize and how to address them. This wastes time and results in impersonal, disconnected interactions that don’t do much for your business.
Social Inbox aims to turn down the fire hose by enabling you to create highly targeted segments of leads and customers. This integration lets you to alert a sales rep when a high-scoring lead mentions a competitor or turn a one-time social interaction with a customer into a series of follow up emails.


Social Inbox Features

  • New: Monitor your smart lists. For example, you can get a view of just your qualified leads on twitter.
  • New: Get email alerts for when a lead, customer or other targeted contact mentions a certain keyword or a competitor.
  • New: “Contact match” search to help you find the twitter handles of more contacts.
  • New: Assign or forward a tweet for response. And see a history of responses.
  • New: See lifecycle stage and salesforce owner of each social contact, then click through to see the full profile.
  • New: Social Media Monitoring and Publishing in the iPhone App

This is How this App will look

Search and Alert


Listen to what your marketing database contacts are saying on social media


Bring sanity to your social stream with Hubspot smart lists


Track the conversations with your prospects and leads


Use color codes to organize your stream based on life cycle stages


When will I be Release?

Social Inbox will be rolling out to all customers in early June. You’ll log into your account and see the new tool set when it has been made available to you. (We wanted to give you a heads up and materials beforehand to get to know the app and think about how they’ll set up your first monitoring streams.) Social inbox will be covered in the Academy Social Media Class and a set of videos and materials will be available before the roll-out.