Can HubSpot be the Next Salesforce?

In the few days I’ve been having questions from my clients regarding Hubspot and Salesforce which will be the best tool for their business. But here is one thing that everyone should be clear regarding to these tools, HubSpot is an awesome Marketing Tool and Salesforce is CRM or Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows you to control the communication between your clients and your sale team giving you the option of creates internal lists and builds a strong communication with your clients.

Sales Growth

Both companies are focus on developed a platform that helps companies to sell more.  Salesforce originally is focus in organize sales effort and sales execution, and has expanded into other areas as well.  HubSpot is doing great by attracting more site visitors generating more leads and leads to customers.  In fact, the two applications are complementary both tool need each other to create the best App to improve companies business.

Hubspot Vs Salesforce

source: digital clarity group

The ultimate benchmark is of course (a HubSpot investor and partner), which at $2.27B in sales is approximately 44 times the size of HubSpot but nevertheless provides a blueprint for growing a highly successful SaaS front-office software business. Just by the numbers, both companies had similar early growth rates, and if you look at revenues per customer for HubSpot today (about $6000 per each of its 8,700 customers) vs. Salesforce when it had similar sales back in 2003 (about $9,000 per customer), there’s a number of parallels.

Of course, today Salesforce has doubled to about $18,000 in annual revenues per customer. Which is clearly why HubSpot looks to broaden its product suite and also needs to go upmarket.

So what’s next for HubSpot? During the company’s recent open house the executive team seemed interested, but not overly eager, to jump into the public market. Also, the company showed off its new Social Inbox product which has a lot of potential and pushes the company more into Social CRM, and even thesmall data arena. The company also hinted it might add its own full-on contact database, which would compete more squarely in the CRM space – and bring the company into competition with Salesforce and even the larger CRM players.

So, HubSpot is doing a lot of things well. But one could argue it’s also at a crossroads, as Cindy Lauper sang at the company’s Inbound user summit last August. Does it want to be the next Salesforce or SAP, or evolve into an advertising-supported marketplace-type model for marketers like Spiceworks is for SMB IT pros? Can it build out real enterprise-level channel partners or will it continue with a network of smaller, more specialty agencies?

Hubspot + Salesforce Integration, The Best Business Solution Ever

I think Hubspot and Salesforce are 2 awesome tools that basically complement each other creating the best tool together one for build your traffic and leads and the other one to organize your clients and sales. That’s why Hubspot keep using Salesforce to control their customer’s sales and communication.

There is not a real competition between both companies; I hope this can clear user’s questions when it comes to Hubspot and Salesforce.


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