Hubspot Vs WordPress

I always been a person, who love setup something quickly and easy, maybe because we don’t usually want to take too much time in things when you have a bunch of work in a day, that’s why WordPress (WP) its been always a very easy CMS to install and manage, but lets get clear if you understand already the base of Inbound Marketing it will be easily to understand this post! WordPress is one of the coolest CMS I’ve ever used, but WP is just only a blogging tool not a marketing tool focused on lead generation and sales.

So if you understand the Inbound Marketing funnels you will see that WP is just the entry part that allows you to build traffic from your website, generating leads that later on will be guide by hubspot defining your persona. In somewhere in the world there may be people who have over 100,000 Pvs per month out there and not leads, that’s what I call don’t have define your persona. If you are trying to bring those users who regularly check your website you might have to start to think in use CTA (Call to Actions) taking you to a LP(Landing Pages) and giving campaign offers that makes users field their information on FORMS, getting the chance to track your persona and lead then to be your future clients.


HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software for small and medium-sized businesses that helps generate leads through SEO, blogging, social media, marketing automation and marketing analytics. This software brings your whole online marketing world together in one powerful, integrated system. Hivelocity combine our Inbound Marketing services with the HubSpot software to be more efficient and to provide our clients with strong and real results.

Tool Overview:

Why HubSpot?

Optimize your blog and website pages to help us create great content that will help you get found

  • Choose keywords and find link-building opportunities that increase your website’s search rank.
  • Create lead nurturing campaigns based on specific offers.
  • Automate posts to enhance your social media presence.
  • Create landing pages and set up A/B testing where we try out different versions of your web pages to see which work better.
  • See who is viewing your website and collect information on your leads—including a full lead history, including page views, form submissions and emails.
  • Measure and track which source of traffic (organic search, social media, etc.) generate the most leads.
  • Tie your leads back to a specific marketing initiative and calculate your marketing ROI.

Hubspot vs WordPress as CMS

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term CMS (Content Management System), a CMS is a platform that allows users to build websites and be in control of them without having using much programing code, is very easily to manage, actually you don’t even need to know code to be in control of it, if you ever have use Microsoft Office Word you will be very familiar with this platform.

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

HubSpot have integrate their own CMS, but users are not require to use it unless you are in a lower package (Basic Plan) that will have to build or migrate their website to HubSpot’s CMS. As a Inbound Marketer I always suggest to my clients to do not build or migrate their website into HubSpot for avoid future risk regarding to the software changes and DB. In the personal part WordPress complement Hubspot as a CMS or Platform that build traffic as the “Attract Funnel”.

How to use HubSpot and WordPress?

We actually use a variety of techniques to achieve our goals.  As for now we’ve been using inbound marketing methodology to increase our traffic, leads, and sales on a monthly basis. We’ll also measure performance and improve our results over time. All this we do by using HubSpot software to support us. We also has developed a way on wordpress to integrated HubSpot tools make the control of this tool easier improving our efficiency on the result as well.

In this table I would like to show you, how HubSpot and WordPress should work together in order to achieve your traffic, leading and conversion goals.

 Ongoing Activities(Number)(Number)(Number)
 Attract More Traffic   
 – Write Blog Article41020
 – Build Link369
 – Interact in Social Media255075
 Convert Traffic to Leads   
 – Build Offer123
 – Build Landing Page123
 – Build CTA2612
 Convert Leads to Customers   
 – Build Lead Nurturing Sequence135
 – Segment Leads012
 – Send Email Campaign112
 – Project/Acct Manager Cost4812


While internet marketing is relatively predictable and measurable, we are unable to estimate how quickly we can improve your key metrics. But our KPI results start after 3months of been using HubSpot, from 0 PVs to over 80,000 Pvs per month.

In order to have a successful result, there are a handful of activities you will need to do regularly including:

  1. Blogging, link building and social media interaction for traffic acquisition
  2. Offer, landing page and CTA (call to action) creation for lead generation
  3. Email marketing, lead segmentation and nurturing to improve lead to customer conversion rate. 

HubSpot Plan Features

 Blog SEO Recommendations
 Blog Analytics
 Integrated Social Publishing
 Social Media Monitoring
 Social Media Publishing
 Social Media Analytics
 Social Media Bookmarklet
 Easy Website Editor
 Social Media Integration
 Password Protected Pages
 Multiple Subdomains  
 Smart Calls-to-Action 
 A/B Testing of Calls-to-Action  
 Smart Forms 
 Progressive Profiling 
 A/B Testing Landing Pages  
 Salesforce Integration 
 Custom Lead Scoring 
 Sales Lead Revisit Notifications 
 Event-based Segmentation & Scoring  
 List Building
 A/B Testing Emails  
 Email Lead Nurturing 
 Sales Notifications 
 Automation Templates (Recipes) 
 Event-based Automation Triggers  
 Page Analytics
 Landing Page Analytics
 Prospect Reporting 
 Conversion Assists 
 Custom Event-based Reporting  
 Template Marketplace
 App Marketplace
 Services Marketplace
 Mobile Contacts
 Mobile View of Reports
 Mobile Social Media Publishing
 HubSpot Library App
 Goal Tracking
 Basic User Roles
 Extended User Roles 
 HubSpot API 


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