Introducing Hivelocity and Hubspot Marketing Services

After been a while working with Hivelocity marketing strategies and Inbounding our marketing with HubSpot Tool leading our visitors to turn into leads and follow the Inbound process. We have finally defined how we will provide the best service effort for our HubSpot and Inbound Customers. But before we get into this our services I would like to make a review of our company. Hivelocity is enable company focused on business marketing solutions for B2B, B2C,C2C and others.

Objective of our HubSpot Service

  1. Build/migrate a website that is optimized to generate traffic, capture new leads and convert those leads to customers.
  2. Leverage social media to drive new traffic to the website.
  3. Use the website and social media to engage current customer base.
  4. Use tools such as blogs and newsletters to establish Hivelocity’s authority and presence on the internet.
  5. Increase traffic to the website.
  6. Increase the website’s online ranking allowing Hivelocity to be found by potential clients.
  7. Implement Call To Actions (CTAs), Landing Pages (LPs), and Lead Nurturing Campaigns to increase the number of new inquiries and customers for Hivelocity
  8. Develop and implement a strategic plan to implement and achieve these goals.

How We’ll Measure Your Success!

  1. Successfully migrating, setting up and optimizing your website and social media platforms to achieve your goals.
  2. Successfully establishing a blogging platform and methodology.
  3. Increasing your website’s overall score as measured by MOZ rank (page rank), indexed pages, traffic rank, and in-bound link domains.
  4. Increasing presence and interaction on social media platforms that successfully drive traffic to your website.
  5. Increase traffic to your website that generates and captures leads.
  6. Successfully increasing the number of inbound leads..

What Value We Will Provide To Your Business

  1. Increased engagement with current clients that will increase referrals.
  2. Acknowledgment of Hivelocity as a leader and spokesperson for end-to-end technology solutions.
  3. Increased accessibility to potential clients through online exposure.
  4. Increased number of inbound leads for Hivelocity to follow-up.
  5. Exposure to industry contacts, consultants, and other referral sources at Agency Hivelocity discretion.

Our Methodology

We actually use a variety of techniques to achieve our goals.  As for now we’ve been using inbound marketing methodology to increase our traffic, leads, and sales on a monthly basis. We’ll also measure performance and improve our results over time. All this we do by using HubSpot software to support us. We also has developed a way on wordpress to integrated HubSpot tools make the control of this tool easier improving our efficiency on the result as well.

In this table I would like to show you, how HubSpot and WordPress should work together in order to achieve your traffic, leading and conversion goals. 

  Fast Faster Fastest
  Frequency/Month Frequency/Month Frequency/Month
 Ongoing Activities (Number) (Number) (Number)
 Attract More Traffic      
 – Write Blog Article 4 10 20
 – Build Link 3 6 9
 – Interact in Social Media 25 50 75
 Convert Traffic to Leads      
 – Build Offer 1 2 3
 – Build Landing Page 1 2 3
 – Build CTA 2 6 12
 Convert Leads to Customers      
 – Build Lead Nurturing Sequence 1 3 5
 – Segment Leads 0 1 2
 – Send Email Campaign 1 1 2
 – Project/Acct Manager Cost 4 8 12

Hivelocity Expectations

While internet marketing is relatively predictable and measurable, we are unable to estimate how quickly we can improve your key metrics. Our partnership is similar to hiring a new employee. We’ll need to adapt our plan once we have enough data to accurately assess your progress. To be successful, there are a handful of activities we’ll need to do regularly including: a. Blogging, link building and social media interaction for traffic acquisition b. Offer, landing page and CTA (call to action) creation for lead generation c. Email marketing, lead segmentation and nurturing to improve lead to customer conversion rate. We’ll need your buy-in and assistance to accomplish this. As discussed, the activities we perform together must be accomplished on a regular basis in order to achieve your business goals. This will require your assistance with a variety of activities.

Project Outline

We will prepare a strategic online marketing plan and budget for achieving these goals. We will accomplish this through:

  • Inbound Marketing Evaluation
  • Inbound Marketing Traffic Calculator

 The plan will include setting up and migrating the current website content to the HubSpot software and hosting platform that includes:

  1. Built-in Blogging platform
  2. In-depth analytics for tracking outreach and marketing efforts.
  3. Powerful tools to capturing leads and potential customers.
  4. We will set up and implement social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. 
  5. We will assist and advise on blogging and related strategies.
  6. We will monitor the website for leads.
  7. We will assist and advise in the creation of premium content and promotional material that will attract potential leads and clients.
  8. We will ensure that all content and blogs are properly deployed, posted and promoted on the website and in social media.
  9. We will monitor the website and social media for topics and interactions that will benefit Your Business.
  10. We will work with and advise the client on effective messaging and topics to be used on the blog and for premium content and promotional material.
  11. We will aggressively work to promote the website and its content on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This includes building followers and interaction in the various platforms and outlets.
  12. We will take weekly responsibility of maintaining the website and various social media platforms. (Optional)
  13. We will also assist in writing blogs and developing premium content (with source material provided by the client)

How Long This Activities Will Take To Get It Done?

  • Setup:  CMS (subdomain for blog, domain), CRM integration, analytics.
  • Content creation:  blog posts, offers for lead generation, lead nurturing/email messages, website pages.
  • Social media interaction
  • Lead follow-up
  • Monthly review of analytics and results
  • Planning of monthly activities