How Fast HubSpot Can Increase Your Business

All people who are focused on be productive at work, always think about “Time” and because of it every day we build different kind of task tables to complete our daily or weekly target goals. Same as that Marketers and Sales Team day by day think which Marketing Tool or CRM will help to improve more services and sales.

If you have read our previous blogs you will understand what is HubSpot but what probably not so many people know is how fast you can start to see results after get into HubSpot, In my opinion HubSpot is a tool that provide communication Solutions between your business and users but this doesn’t mean that is works alone, to be able to manage this tool you must understand your business market and target your persona, once you know that it will be more easy to apply HubSpot’s functionalities to this users, leading them to a close relation, allowing you to introduce your business services.

You’ll see the results according to how much time you want to spend in improving your sales techniques. 

HubSpot Integration Fact

Return on Investment from Inbound Marketing through Implementing HubSpot Software

Traffic Increased for 92% of Customers

Since using HubSpot, 92.3% of customers noted an increase in traffic to their website.

  • Of those customers, 29.8% of customers reported an increase of more than 100% of traffic since using HubSpot.

Customers started seeing a significant increase in traffic within a relatively short period of time.

  • 85.0% of customers started seeing a traffic increase within 7 months or less.
  • 64.8% of customers who experienced an increase in traffic reported starting to see an increase in 4 months or less.
  • 16.7% of customers reported noticing a traffic increase in less than 1 month.

Customers attributed the increase in traffic most to the following tools:

  1. Blogging – 25.1%
  2. SEO – 18.9%
  3. Other inbound marketing (e.g. landing pages, calls to action) – 17.7%

HubSpot Results After Using It

Here is some facts provide it by Hubspot on 2012 on their eBook 120 awesome marketing stats, chart & graph.


Website traffic since using HubSpot


How much has traffic increase to your website


How much has traffic increase to your website by year


What factors do you attribute to increase your traffic?

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