Blog Shout-out: Into the Treehouse

There is an invitation for you, it all takes place in a treehouse, scratch that, a secret treehouse. This treehouse has its own blog, learning service and forums. This is the one and only, Team Treehouse. This is more than just a blog; it’s a great resource for learning Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design and much more. Why should you read the blog? You can see a list of the following features below:


  • Latest news on HTML, CSS and other technologies
  • The Treehouse Show
  • Contests
  • Learning Updates
  • Tips and Tricks

Latest News

The Team Treehouse blog is updated regularly with the latest news on HTML, CSS, jQuery and other technologies. Of course, in the web scene, things change fast; if you ever need to find some information, this is a great blog to check up on. Team Treehouse also boasts a fair number of writers, even staff teachers, such as Nick Pettit.

The Treehouse Show

Team Treehouse also has its own show called “The Treehouse Show” with hosts Nick Pettit and Jason Seifer. Every week, a new episode is released detailing the latest projects and happenings in the web world. You can view this week’s episode below:



Sometimes, Team Treehouse hosts contests on their blog in which you can win tickets to conventions, a free membership, or other rewards. Keep an eye out for some more!

Learning Updates

When Team Treehouse updates their interactive learning service, you can find out on their blog. if you are interested in learning from Team Treehouse, you can check out their payment plans here. If you are a student, you can get a special discount as well. Whether you would like to learn more about how the web works, or would like to start a new career, Team Treehouse is the way to go.

Tips and Tricks

Another section of the blog provides tips, tricks and tutorials that you can use in your projects. For example, this article gives out five tips on how to create a perfect web design portfolio. Tips are not limited to the web world, this post details twelve different ways to improve your writing.

Other Resources and Blogs

Team Treehouse is not the only blog worth pouring through. CSS-Tricks by Chris Coyler, WPTavern and WPMU are great blogs as well. You can find the links below: