13 Ways to Create New Content Offers for Your Persona

If you already get familiar in creating blogs and posting awesome things in your platform, then you have just started to inbound your business and you are ready to go for the next Step! For most of the people who creates contents online frequently, is very easy to increase their traffic but the problem comes when you ask to yourself what I do with all this traffic on my web?

As an article I post before, before to build a platform it is very important to know what kind of persona you are targeting your contents. According to that it will be very easy to manage your campaigns and offers so you can get more close with your persona. Get close means start to understand the needs of your visitors and the reason why they just came over your web to check your blogs.

In this post I would like to give you some tips of how to create Offers that will get you leads who wants to know more about you:

  1. Whitepaper or eBook:  Compile three (3) to five (5) blog posts that discussed similar topics and combine them into a whitepaper or eBook. You can also write a whitepaper or eBook from a previous research study or data set. 
  2. Top 10 Industry Trends:  Document the ten latest trends impacting your industry this year. Write a short summary on 10 new industry developments or write what you think will be the 10 biggest changes to your industry during the next year. 
  3. How-To Guides:  Create simple guides for your prospects to download and help them with a problem. For example, if you’re selling mortgages, create a guide to picking the right mortgage for you. 
  4. Product Demo Video:  Create a video that shows off all of your product’s features and benefits.  At the end of the video give the lead an option to download a product tip sheet guide. 
  5. Product Tip Sheet Guide:  Create a product tip sheet guide that outlines how people could use your product or service to help them with their problem or need. For example, you’re selling backup software. Create a guide that outlines how people can use you’re backup software to decrease their backup costs and lower IT support time. 
  6. Common Questions:  Write down the 10 or 20 questions you most commonly hear and create a tip sheet or guide that answers each question. 
  7. Checklist:  Create a checklist of steps people could take to solve the problem that your product/service solves. For example, if you’re a moving service you could create a downloadable packing checklist. 
  8. Case Studies:  Show off your leading customers and share their success with future customer.  Video record their testimonial for even more content and to build credibility. Offer the case study to be downloaded. 
  9. LinkedIn Question and Answers:  Go to LinkedIn Answers and find every question and answer that relates to your industry. Compile them together in an eBook format. 
  10. PowerPoint Presentations:  Use your PowerPoint presentations and turn them into compelling offers. Post the presentations on SlideShare and embed them into blog articles. 
  11. Kits of Material:  Compile some of your related eBooks, guides, tip sheets and blog articles into a compelling downloadable kit offer. 
  12. Expert Interview Videos:  Interview the experts at your company and have them answer common questions for prospects.  Use the videos as a way to build credibility and a relationship with your leads 
  13. Sales Team Materials:  Work with your sales to determine what content they think quality prospects would like to download. This can really help you if you’re having a problem with creating quality leads for your sales team. 

Next Steps: Put every piece of content you have behind landing page and over the course of three months analyze the quantity and quality of leads each piece of content produces. If the lead quality is poor or the quantity of leads is low, then remove the form on the landing page and don’t require registration to get the content.

Source : HubSpot

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