5 Steps to Get or Increase Guest Blogging


Guest Blogging can make better your online performance!

Guest blogging can be really good for increase your SEO, because having a remarkable contents will make other talk about how awesome is your site by creating inbound links. The objective of this is to increase your guest blogging opportunities that will generate high-quality inbound links for one of your website pages.

Step 1: Identify a Keyword and Website Page

Use HubSpot’s Keywords tool and sort to your most relevant keywords. The list should include at least a few dozen keywords you want to rank for. Then pick a keyword that gets more than 100 monthly visits and its difficultly score is between 70 and 95. You want to try to get links from more difficult keywords, which have more competition. The more difficult the keyword, the more inbound links you should try to create for the keyword.

Then identify the one page on your website that you want to rank for this keyword.

Step 2: Perform a Google Search

Perform a Google search using the keyword you identified in step 1 to find the top 10 ranking websites for the keyword. In an Excel spreadsheet, document what websites are ranking for that keyword.

Step 3: Find Current Links

Use Open Site Explorer to find out who is linking to the 10 domains you identified in step 2. Sort each link by its “Domain Authority” (column on the far right). In your document, add the top five linking domains based-off their domain authority to your spreadsheet.

Step 4: Identify Link Building Opportunities

Use the links you found in step 3 and identify what type of content you could write for them. This is a very important step and you want to make sure you correctly identify what type of content and topic each site would find valuable.

Read through some of their blog articles, download some of their content and examine what their website is about. In the spreadsheet note their industry and what they do. Use this information to note in your spreadsheet what topic you want to write about. This information will be used in the step 5 when you start creating the email.

Step 5: Find Contact Info and Write Email

Find the website owner’s contact information and reach out to them using the following email template. Remember that the inbound links you are trying to get through doing this should all go back to one specific page on your website, focused around the keyword you are trying to rank for.


Nice to meet you. I’ve been doing some research on bloggers in THEIR INDUSTRY, and I found your site (THEIR SITE NAME) when researching websites writing about SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR INDUSTRY. I work at WHERE YOU WORK, and WHAT YOU DO. I’m always looking to expand my network in the marketing world, especially in places I’m not yet familiar with like WHERE THEY ARE FROM. OR REWORD IF IT IS CLOSE BY/YOU HAVE A CONNECTION.

I’ve just published a (WHERE YOU WANT A LINK TO) and wanted to see if I could produce a piece of content or an article for your blog about TOPIC for your blog. Or, if you’d like to exchange guest posts and also write something on our blog (YOUR BLOG) in return for an inbound link to your site, that would also be great. We’re always looking for new colleagues, friends, and work together on things.

Let me know, or feel free to reach me at YOUR EMAIL if you have any questions.


Source : HubSpot

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