Create Call to Actions in 8 Steps


Learn how to create awesome CTA's

Step 1: Make it Clear What the Offer Is

Your CTA should clearly describe what the offer is. If you’re giving away a whitepaper about getting more Twitter followers, you may want to say something like “Download the FREE Whitepaper on How to Get More Twitter Followers.”

Step 2: Make it Action-Oriented

Begin with an action verb like “download” or “register” that makes it very clear what action visitors will be taking on the subsequent landing page.

Step 3: Keep it Above the Fold

Make sure your site visitors can see your CTA without having to scroll down the page. Our data shows that this will increase your click-through rates.

Step 4: Make it Stand Out

If your CTA blends in with the rest of your page, you won’t get much traffic to your landing page. Make it contrast with your website’s color scheme so that it stands out on the page.

Step 5: Make the CTA Match Your Landing Page Headline

The CTA should match the headlines on your landing page. Testing has proven that the more consistent you can keep the two, the higher your landing page conversion rate will be.

Step 6: Include CTAs for Different Stages of the Buying Cycle

Different offers appeal to different segments of the traffic visiting your site. A whitepaper might appeal to an early sales cycle visitor while a free consult or a free trial might appeal to a later sales cycle visitor.

In order to capture the maximum amount of traffic hitting your site you need to cast a wide net. We recommend having at least three CTAs on your homepage, one for early, one for mid, and one for late sales cycle visitors.

Step 7: Place CTAs on the Most Relevant Website Pages

Aside from your homepage, place the most relevant CTAs on each of your website pages and blog posts. For example, HubSpot has created blog posts about Facebook and SEO. On the Facebook blog posts, you’ll see a CTA advertising a Facebook whitepaper. On the SEO blog posts, you’ll see a CTA advertising a SEO whitepaper.

Step 8: Test, Test, Test

You should implement the first 7 steps as best as you can, but you must test your CTAs to see what will resonate well with your audience. Test varied messaging, colors, and placement on your pages, and see if you can get more page views on your landing pages.

Source : HubSpot

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