10 Ways of How to use Hubspot Prospects Tool


Start to get Prospect and Re enage with old Propects

If you are a current customer of HubSpot and you are new on HubSpot, then you should get familiar with your prospect in order to increase your B2B sales and marketing online. This tool can be so powerful if you know how to use it, especially for your Sales Team connecting with new prospect and reconnecting with your old prospects can be sometimes a new way keep or increase your business sales and services.

10 ways that will make that will bring new opportunities to your business

  1. Use the data in Prospects to create hyper-targeted campaigns to specific companies that visit your site. First, find the companies that would be ideal customers for your product or service. Then brainstorm with your sales and marketing teams to create unique campaigns that target those companies using offline and online channels.
  2. Quickly scan through the list of your Prospects, paying close attention to how they found your site. Take note of the keywords prospects used to find your site and write optimized blog posts about those topics.
  3. Use the Prospects app to find companies in the specific regions that your business is targeting. You can filter your Prospects by city, state, and country.
  4. Run a search in the Prospects app for companies that your sales team wants to talk to or are currently working on converting. Send your salespeople the information you find, so that they can use it to start conversations and build relationships more quickly.
  5. Determine which are your most engaged Prospects. Export that data and sort by visits and page views to find out which companies are the most engaged with your website. Make sure your sales team is actively working those prospects.
  6. Use the data in the Prospects app to help your sales team find old Prospects that they were previously working on converting, or to locate potential win-back opportunities with former clients.
  7. Go through all of the Prospects that don’t have a lead record associated with them. Using the Content tab in the app, find what pages they visited most, then audit these pages to make sure they have appropriate and compelling calls to action.
  8. Scan through your list of Prospects and pay close attention to how they found your site. Using the keywords that Prospects used to find your site, create new content offers that align closely with those keywords. Add relevant calls to action to the pages these Prospects have visited.
  9. Find the companies that have the most leads associated with them. Make sure your sales team knows about these companies and leads, and are working on converting them to sales. Marketers should analyze the trends between each lead and their respective companies, and use this data to make informed changes to your content and website.
  10. Use the Prospects app to confirm that the companies that your sales reps are calling are actually visiting your website, even if your sales reps might now be getting a call back. This is especially important for sales reps that are cold calling, or if you have an inside sales team.

Source : HubSpot

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