Segment Using Relative Date Ranges Update


Another New Update for Marketing Lovers

Have you ever wanted to create a list of contacts that, say, did something in the last 5 days? It’s possible with relative date ranges in list segmentation, which is now live to all customers.

This seemingly simple change unlocks a number of interesting use cases. Customers can now create smart lists that are always a fresh, recent reflection of contacts who have submitted forms, viewed pages, or completed events.


Here are some examples of what you can do by setting a relative date range for a list:

  • Keep a list in HubSpot that always shows you the contacts who have completed an action in the last X number of days (without having to update the date range in your criteria).
  • Build a list of contacts who became Marketing Qualified Leads less than 30 days (using specific form submissions or a custom date property like MQL date).

You could even create a workflow that “kicks in” if a contact has or hasn’t taken a specific action within a set period of time.


  • If a marketing qualified lead hasn’t requested a demo within 90 days, send a notification to the lead owner to follow up.
  • If an evangelist hasn’t downloaded any of your content in the last 30 days, send them a re-engagement email.
  • If a lead visits an important page on your website, send a notification to the lead owner to follow up (Enterprise. Previously possible, but had some limitations.)