3 Ways To Encourage Sales Team Write Blogs


Create Contents that sales not just contents

We already know that contents on our website can have a huge value and because of that our traffic and lead increase monthly but the job is not only written blogs and describe them by you.

Is also incentive others to follow you and make them to participate with their own ideas and ways to express their self. Contents is not only about volume is also about quality and different perspectives.

Especially your sales team who is one of the most important teams in your company, they are the people who are more close to your clients and because of that they are aware of the freshness news and problems of clients. Sales team are the people who can build all type of contents because of the information they have and build sample and cases that help users to improve their business and increase their self.

How can I incentive My Staff to Create Quality Contents?

Whatever the idea you might come out. Staff won’t create good contents if you say:

  • I’d like to ass a new task on top of the 100 things you have to do in the day.
  • Not by a trend for sure “If you don’t write a blog, I will reduce your salary -00%”.
  • You should write contents even on your free time.
  • Getting mad if the content is not like you want it to be.
  • Not freedom = No Ideas = No Good Contents.
  • Not considering other staff ideas over yours.

For sure there are more creepy ideas with what you might come out… but for sure that’s not a way to incentive people to write awesome contents that allows you to take a good position with your personas on your website. Believe there is much more ideas you can come out to incentive people to become marketing lovers.

In order to encourage them and get what you really want you might need to consider this:

  • Offer a monetary prize to the rep with the most blog views per month. (Extra money can be always a good help for staff.)
  • Recognize the sales rep that has generated the most amounts of leads through their blog each month (Creating a wall where you can put to the best blogger of the month.)
  • Offer a “champions club” style prize if a rep closes a deal because of their blog content (Maybe an extra commission if the rep can get a close with your persona.)

Are you sure this will work?

You might ask me this question, but a good example will be IBM Sales Rep. IBM focus on deliver this method to their staff in order to create a close relation between their staff and clients.  In a cool article from Small Company Big Image say that:

IMB Sales Reps (Do) Blog
Sales reps use individual blogs to deepen relationships with their own customers.   Many IBM sales reps have blogs with RSS feeds that are connected to LinkedIn and Twitter.  Sales reps’ customers can follow them and have an individual relationship. Check more in here

So if others can make it, why can’t you start to do it?