Knowing more about BaseStation and Inbound Marketing


I might have to say we all have passed for this situation once ever, when we have noticed that no matter what we do and how hard we try to increase our traffic, we still don’t get more than 100PV/month.

I actually had the same experience with our old website; it was kind of crazy to see how visitors just didn’t check to our website and every month we were minus. We didn’t put much effort on the website because most our sales were deliver by our sales team working in the old way (Outbound Marketing).

So we start to make some research about what options we could have in order to start running inbound marketing in our website, concluding that we had skip important steps in the development of our website.  Not really focusing in our personas or what kind of people we would like to be found.

We always knew that it will not be easy to get visitors at the beginning of the new re design of the website that it will take some time to promote it. So we start to focus on Get found and start to research all we can about the basic of SEO and other promoter coding, getting our hands in tons of codes, then think in UX how we will manage our contents and show it to our users, our designers came with different ideas until conclude in one platform develop in a CMS integrating the right SEO features and functions that allow our contents to be shareable.

But that wasn’t all, we also thought that it will be better if users can see a website from a site that is develop in one source code and not be calling files for show on mobiles or tablets, taking over a responsive design and creating our original theme from scratch.

Well we got the platform awesome but what should we do with that? There is no point in have a website if I don’t know what do with it. Our Marketing team start to search more about other options getting their hands on Inbound Marketing and there remarkable contents and lead generation.

After check Inbound Marketing we notice we were in the right way, so we improve our what we had develop their methodology applying their awesome features like landing pages, CTA, Forms, automation and others HubSpot features to improving more our platform and their contents.

At the beginning we start we multiple contents focus on IT, from any kind of news and reports that internet can give to us, writing blogs and working with our develop functions. It was awesome how the results start to come out after 3 months seem our website from 1000 to 50,000 visits per month in just 3 months. That was so sweet!

But later we get a lot of access but all the contents we had it wasn’t much referent to our services… so that was another problem our team start to a front at this point.

Good or bad I must say that our website was increasing their traffic but not really helping our business.

How should we connect our services with our contents? Websites are like a market sometimes goes up and other just down. We try to change the contents we were delivering to visitors to something more relative to our business that also wasn’t easy since all our visitors just check multiple information every day from different categories. So as we knew it will be our traffic will decrease but the plus for this is that we start to build contents that really have to do something with our business

Focusing in the right personas, because doing this we will actually know that the visitors who still following us are those who are interest in our business and services. I guess is a dilemma when it comes to decide If you want to keep those numbers or just get few numbers but with high prospects.

Because when you start to increase your traffic that allows you create new services ideas like become a media instead of be what you originally are. I think that answers depend terms your business and the company goals are targeting but in our case we were more focus and motivate to promote our business line.

So we decide to give up that beautiful numbers in our Google Analytics and start to improve our contents targeting in personas who can really become our clients by educating them more about the awesome things that internet and website provide for their business, making them understand why a website or platform can be really powerful having the right contents and functions.

We start to build something that not so many companies do now, is give a value that you can see, not a promise of what it can be.

Most of the sales team in different companies explain reason of why your website should be change it but none of them can really tell you, how will be the future of your website after developed.

Something that we have already figure out with our own experience and we can say proudly how your website will run after be done. The mission of a website is not be there to be found it, the real mission is make your website or business get found for all those users who doesn’t really know about you and your product. So in order to do that we must educate them by cases, options, pricing information, trials, resources and other content that can really give a value.

In this new century everything is about educate your personas to get close with them, create a relation between your business and them providing the best effort on their questions, giving the right answer with a fear price and result.

So that’s what we call BaseStation Today!