If Content is the King then Context is God!


Thinking how to be a king in your contents? or how to handle your context?

In August of this year, Meghan Keaney Anderson of HubSpot wrote a great blog about context when it comes to marketing online. We’ve known for some time now that content is king while context is queen, but personally I think going into 2014, context will become the new king.

I think Meghan said it best:

“The great epiphany of inbound marketing was that people are drawn to content that matters to them. The early stages of inbound marketing focused on creating the sort of useful, search-friendly content that would attract people at the search box and bring them in to your site. Once at your site, however, that customer-driven behavior doesn’t stop. Turns out, website visitors are more likely to convert on content and offers that have been tailored to them.”

Until recently however, providing a highly tailored experience online was impossible. Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and even the HubSpot CMS, gave every visitor the exact same experience, whether they were a first time visitor or someone stopping by for their 100th visit. Enter the new HubSpot COS!

Optimizing Contents can get you to the right Persona

Over the last year 2012 HubSpot has been updating various tools within their software to provide “smart content.” This smart content included:

  • Smart Images: Allowing your website images reflect the interests of the individuals looking at them.
  • Smart CTAs: Changing your offers automatically based on what you know about the person viewing it.
  • Smart Forms: Making your forms more efficient, by removing fields you already know for each lead.

These improvements were just the beginning to finally allowing you to provide more relevant content and context to your visitors.

The recent release of the HubSpot COS builds upon these improvements and allows you to instantly serve up personalized content targeted to specific visitors of your website. And because the platform integrates seamlessly with the rest of HubSpot’s marketing automation tools, you can now ensure that every page of your website is featuring content that is useful and relevant to each visitor! For example; you can feature different content based on whether a visitor is seeing your website for the first time or are returning for the 10th time, or even target specific segments of your buyer personas. This revolutionary approach will change the way you look at your web site content going forward.

Make Your Site Easily to Access

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest web design trends or read our recent blog post, Should Your Site go Mobile? Yes and here’s Why, you probably understand the importance of responsive design; 64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online. As these users continue to use their mobile devices to access the web, having a website that can automatically respond and adapt to fit on various size screens is essential to your digital strategy. I can’t tell you how many websites I visit on a daily basis that are not responsive and unfortunately for those companies, I don’t stick around for very long. What a terrible experience!

The HubSpot COS was built with a mobile first mindset and is completely responsive right from the get-go. And not unlike any of the other CMS’s out there, the HubSpot COS allows you to customize the look and feel of your site to match your company’s brand. All you need is some CSS and HTML knowledge. Looking for an easy way to get started on the COS? 

HubSpot COS will work for Small Businesses?

Migrating your site to the COS will make it responsive, adapting to people’s devices. This ensures you are not missing the audience that is shifting to mobile. It will also make it easier for you to update your pages and blogs. And it makes it easier to build your influence with the blog author set-up.

The COS will also allow you to produce web pages and blog posts within the powerful structure of the HubSpot default template layouts, or custom templates from the marketplace. Business owners can produce and edit content within great designs without knowing more than the text editing tools that come in Word or email clients these days.

There are no web development, hosting, upgrade, security or support costs, it all comes with your HubSpot subscription.

 Source : SparkReaction