Three New Email Features


HubSpot has released 3 new features that will make easier to use Email Marketing

HubSpot is adding three new features to your Email tool. The new features will enable you to:

  1. Add or Remove Individual Email Addresses to Sends
  2. Have Custom Click-Tracking Domains
  3. Unpublish or Redirect the Web-Version of an Email You’ve Sent

Add or Remove Individual Email Addresses

With the latest update, you can now send emails to individual email addresses without needing a list. In addition, you can easily add or remove individual email addresses to sends going to a list. An example of that is detailed below. Let’s say we want to email our event attendees to thank them for coming. We’re going to block any staff who may have registered from that send, but I want to make sure one staff member, sees that the email went out to attendees, so I’ll add his individual email back in.


Custom Click-Tracking Domains

In order to track the number of clicks each link in your email receives, HubSpot automatically rewrites your links to include tracking. Click tracking is great for the data you get on your email’s performance, but sometimes rewritten urls can be a trigger for spam filters. To counter that and give you one more gold star for deliverability, HubSpot has added custom click-tracking urls to HubSpot email. This includes all links and CTAs in your email body, your unsubscribe link, and your communications preferences link.

Custom click-tracking urls reference your domain instead of a HubSpot domain, so it looks more consistent to spam filters. While there’s a lot that goes into deliverability, and no single factor reigns supreme, having consistent click-tracking domains can help.

Customers who have a COS email domain set up already won’t need to do a thing to enable custom-click tracking. If you’re not sure if you have an email domain set-up or you want to change it, you can do so within the Manage Your Domains page. Go to Content Settings >> Manage Domains and assign a domain for your COS email, like below:


Customers Can Unpublish or Redirect the Web-Version of an Email You’ve Sent

HubSpot enables you to create a web-based version of your email, complete with a meta description and unique URL. Many marketers use this as a second viewing option for recipients and to repurpose email content as a searchable webpage. But what happens when you decide you want to take down that web-based version you created?

This new feature makes unpublishing or redirecting web-based versions of emails simple and straightforward. To do this: go to the details page of the sent email. In the left column you’ll see a URL to the web-version of the email. Click edit above the URL and the following window will open up. Choose remove or redirect and then hit ok. This is a permanent change.